Release Day!

cropped-FiresofHellbyMaureenLMills-Twitterbanner.jpgToday, my first book, FIRES OF HELL, was released into the wild. Hard to imagine the mixed emotions I’m experiencing, writing those words. On the one hand, this has been a goal since I was twelve and decided many of the books I was reading were doing it wrong! and determined I could write so much better. I believed that clear up to the point I actually tried to create a coherent story from scratch on my own. Yeah, it’s much harder than it looks, people.

So there’s that deep sense of satisfaction that, finally, after all these years, I’ve accomplished a life goal.

But I’m sitting here hitting the wrong keys every other word because my hands are shaking so badly. People are gonna see what I wrote! People are gonna know that I thought of all those things–good and bad–that makes the story what it is. The fighting, the anger, the blood, the disappointment, the betrayal, the petty jealousies, the naive heroism. That all came from inside me. And now it’s out there for everyone to see. This is who I am, folks. Surprise!

What if you all don’t like it?

What if you all don’t like me?

And how silly and self-centered am I to let those questions bother me?

So, here’s another question. How many of you have felt like this before? When? And what the heck did you do about it? Seriously, any commiseration or advice at all would be highly welcome!

Here’s another random quote from the book to whet your appetite:

Josiah, his trunk on one shoulder, his face pale and set, came toward me across the deck. I froze, drinking in the sight of him as if I had been lost in the desert for a week, and he was water.

“Sir.” I dropped my bag and came to attention.

He never even glanced my way. Brushing past me, he continued onto the gangway and down to the packed earth and scrub of the airfield. A carriage bearing the Winged Goods insignia waited below. He slung his box up to the driver, who settled it on the back, climbed inside, and shut the door.

Shut me out.

And drove away.


Buy it now before the price goes up on Monday!


I live in Utah with my husband. I have five interesting children and two exceptional grandsons. When not writing, thinking about writing, or teaching writing, I like to knit, camp, read (READING! YAY!), and attempt to turn heavy white clay into yummy vegetables. Don't tell me alchemy is dead!

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