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A Hint of Success in the Whirlwind of Publishing

My first book, Fires of Hell, came out a couple months ago. I thought I was prepared. I was strong. I was smart. I had studied. I could do this. Hah! I had no freakin’ clue. Promo is hard. Let’s

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Release Day!

Today, my first book, FIRES OF HELL, was released into the wild. Hard to imagine the mixed emotions I’m experiencing, writing those words. On the one hand, this has been a goal since I was twelve and decided many of

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Fires of Hell and Hellfire Rocket Launch

  My first book, Fires of Hell, comes out on August 17th, 2016, only a week or two after this year’s Hellfire rocket launch on the Salt Flats. Hellfire is the first weekend in August, and brings together a bunch

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Midwife Crisis

Edit: This entry won an Honorable Mention in the Writer’s of the Future Contest for the fourth quarter of 2015. Now, to write one that wins it all… The next installment, as promised. I think the writing is better, although

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The Hungering

More free fiction, scifi this time. And since I skipped last month, I’ll post the sequel to this story next week. The Hungering by Maureen L. Mills Three thousand habitable planets in the known universe, and I was stuck on

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More free fiction this month! If you like it, tell me about it. Tell your friends about it. Sign up to get next month’s post delivered to your email. If you don’t like it, tell me about that, too. I’d

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The Old-Fashioned Way

  Paul and Miriam Kaufman met the old-fashioned way. The really old-fashioned way. Miriam remembered it like this: Paul rode in on his white charger, brandishing his shining silver weapon, and saved her from a terrible villain who was after

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Best thing about visiting the Grand Canyon? People watching. Not that the view isn’t magnificent. It is. I mean, LOOK at it! The scale of the place is–hard to grasp. So huge, you think: gosh, that stream in the bottom

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